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Thứ Năm, 7 tháng 5, 2009

6 points should be avoided when a comment on another blog

Under the angle is a blogger, the comments on other blogs as a channel to attract a good traffic for your blog. But that is not work completely simple - of course, and also the rule of it. Here are 6 points when you need to avoid a comment on another blog

1. Use bold text or printing to highlight part of your comment
Comment on other people's blogs is a very good channel to attract traffic to your blog, and if you attract the attention of people to share your comments by the traffic you will be able to rise. But please remember you should comment in the comment lively, fun and useful, do not cause attention on other blogs by bold or italic print. Can it will make other people uncomfortable reading.

2. Set the text now under comment
You can see that most comments have the form to fill in your name. It is not necessary to create a place now under your comment again.

3. Contact link a second or third to your blog
This note also of the same, most of the comment entry form, have blogs or link to your website. If you add your blog link below the comment again will make people think you are spam messages and are asked by the traffic handling, so they will not like you.

4. Comments that do not see the message above
There are many comments to the comments to the article above, they only like to take questions or spoken with you, even spam. If you read the message, read the comment lines not to eat what's the message you are not uncomfortable here?
So please read the comments kĩ message above, a comment appropriate content of the message.

5. short Comments.
When many people make comments just in from the 1: what is "exploitation tem" is "or" ... And this comment as spam so. It means something to contribute articles on both sides .
Be courteous when you comment, please comment me enough, do not say shorty and empty will cause of sympathy with people more.

6. Write comments as you know all about that topic
It is distasteful when you read an article in the comments as type "may also not know that" or "... only falsehood, inhibitors for both readers and write it.
If you disagree with that article, please express it polite. The points that you agree with or not the message. Even if you have the correct prices again, you are offensive to anyone if you keep the attitude that "what is that" their
When a blog comment on the other, to attract attention, the traffic to your site, then the most important perhaps is the history and nature. Please comment because you are participating in discussions about issues, contribute to building the message, but do not comment just to spam cause attention and traffic to your site. It is not strategically success of this method
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