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Thứ Tư, 20 tháng 5, 2009

Free tool to manage online reputation

Do you know what other people say about you?

If you want to know how to track the presence of the company and monitoring its trademark, the company is you may have encountered. Here are 6 tools top can serve management plan online reputation of your company. These tools can be applied to product, brand or company or even individual brands. Use them to search, locate and respond when necessary.

1. Google - / alerts
Definition: Google Alerts display latest news sent to your email, it is based on the search results Google's latest based on your selection of topics or areas that interest you. You can subscribe to news alerts via email or RSS functions.
Application: Many people use RSS to view updates and the company is using the PR function is to track the campaign's PR. You can track the release of an article, updated latest events in the industry and the competitors and see who are writing about yourself, all things can be conducted simultaneously.
Marketing strategy: Set up of a comprehensive notification can update all the stories have mentioned the name, topic or your company just as soon as they appear. As part of filtered information usually always full news items as required should you need to create a database about the blogger and journalists to reach them directly and build better relationships.

2. Posts on the blog -
Definition: If you are writing the blog that you really need to use Technorati, a search engine blog-scale world's largest. When you register to use Technorati services, it will monitor feedback on the blog "or any blog links to your blog.
Applications: Search your name on Technorati and register function to RSS notification when someone write about your company blog, you'll recognize immediately.
Marketing strategy: Use Technorati to track any blogs connected to your blog. And when you write an entry related to their actions will help strengthen the ability to recognize for their blog / reputation of your company.

3. Comments on the blog -
Definition: Recently a new service was created to solve the problem management comments on the blog. Please pay attention to this. Someone can comment on your company blog on the series so if you only track entry, the firm will definitely miss the comments there. BackType service allows you to search, track and share their comments on the web. Whenever you write a blog comment on other people connecting to your blog page, BackType be saved for you.
Applications: Use BackType to remind you about the blog that you have to comment, discovered the people who have influence and they are the blog comments that you see and continue the conversation is incomplete when and you are a previously initiated.
Marketing strategy: Establish a list of people who have great influence in the operation of your company. Then, you track their comments through the blog and leave your comments right after their comments. This action will help you build your brand through the "food as this.

4. Group discussion (discussion board) -
Definition: In addition to blog and article of traditional journalists, the discussion is another channel that people can focus on a community and talk about your company. Most people are unaware channel to discuss this group until the other site about this comment from the excerpts of the discussion group it.
Applications: Use to be notified immediately of the message if your company name in the discussion group.
Marketing strategy: Search all discussion groups are related to field operations of your company and participate in 2 to 5 groups to discuss the most exciting. To know the exposure of each discussion group, you can rely on the number of items discussed and members registered. Participate in the community that by initiating the topic at the same time to the name and URL (link) of your company just below each article.

5. Twitter -
Definition: twitter is a service support blog super small, currently provide services to more than 3 million users. Messages sent via twitter (tweet called) moved with lighting speed so if you do not catch them, they will distribute the virus so quickly.
Application: Use the search function of twitter, you can detect any messages appear with the name of your company and respond (or silent).
Marketing strategy: When you see a message has mentioned his name, you should use the @ character attached to the account name of the write messages (such as @ danschawbel) for comments. When you respond, you start to build awareness for the brand name companies and see your message will be that feeling of really interested and active listening.

6. FriendFeed - / search
Definition: FriendFeed is a social gathering. Like when using Youtube, Delicious, twitter, blog or Flickr, you may include all social relations to their one (Friend) feed, a folder that update and share information summarizes new of a website link.
Applications: You can conduct searches by brand name companies in the entire social network at the same time thanks to the search engine's site. In addition to the video or the message is relevant to your field, you can also analyze the comments that people expressed.

Marketing strategy: Using management FriendFeed ( / embed / widget) and display it on your blog or website of your company for people to feel active social media you are does. Also, you can search and identify those who are talking about brand their company on FriendFeed and respond with their comments.

You can use all 6 free tool for both the management, marketing both brand their company online.

You may not care for the reputation of the online companies themselves, but others are interested. The need to know what we are saying - and dynamics respond somehow. The marketing for the object reader blog or website of your company will become sẻ ribs after you complete homework assignments with 6 tools.
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