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Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 5, 2009

Wolfram Alpha respond to all questions!

To the original predicted, after rolling out the official public, Alpha wolfram that people see that it the same as "encyclopaedia" Wikipedia is more than the Google search ...

Gender and technology as well as those interested to have new computers are expected search for rolling out the official Alpha wolfram to have to see "Alpha wolfram can only defeat Wikipedia, not Google."

And final exam wolfram Alpha, the search is expected to be the most current supply to the human eye on 15/5 rate (during day official work is published on 18 June 5). However, against the predicted's original technology, wolfram no Alpha is the search for the right cause but instead it is no site provides answers to questions and search the content of you.
With the search for familiar as Google or Yahoo and MSN, when you enter a keyword to search, the search apparatus will search sites on the Internet containing keywords similar to provide you. But with wolfram Alpha test everything is completely different term.
For example, when you enter your keyword is "Brad Pitt" (1 or name any famous people do), instead of search results from Internet related, Alpha wolfram provide you with information related to personality now, as of now, occupation ...
In case you search for keywords 1 website, test results provide you with the information is related to that site, such as theme, the address of the server site, the number of traffic , rank that site ...
However, the remarkable point of wolfram Alpha from the searches is likely to answer questions of the user. For example, if you want to find the distance from 2 places in the world, you can use Alpha wolfram to get answers.
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