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Thứ Tư, 3 tháng 6, 2009

10 tips to optimize search engine

1. Check popularity of the keyword

To get traffic information from the search keywords on search engines popular as Google and Yahoo! you need to note to the topic messages, which are topics that people want to read and find information. One of the simple and easy to know the information that people want to search the network to test the popularity of keywords on Web sites such as Wordtracker, Google AdWords, Google Trends or Yahoo! Buzz Index. Each Web page is to provide quick save feature popularity of keywords.


2. Select specific keywords and related topics

Gold rules the selection of a keyword on that page then popular Web site with that keyword phrase. Keywords related to the entire contents of the Web site. Moreover, the selection of a keyword specific individual will get you search results better than the keyword is too general. For example, you try to check how many sites are using the keyword phrase "music child". It seems very difficult to compete in the ratings using keywords. But if you select a special keyword such as "Songs My Mind", a competition will become easier lot.

3. Select keyword phrase, only 2 or 3 from

Statistics show that nearly 60% of search engine keyword includes only 2 to 3 words. So always remember this and try to your Web site is a priority when search with keyword phrases only from 2 or 3 only.

4. Use the keyword phrase in title

When selecting keyword phrases that you plan available to your site, make sure that you have used that phrase in the title of the article.

5. Use your keyword phrase in the title and subtitles

Notice to the use of subtitles and the title in the article not only increase the attractiveness of messages but also create more opportunities for you to use multiple keywords.

6. Use keyword phrases in the article

The use of keyword phrases in the article is an important factor. Use at least 2 times in the first paragraphs of articles and try to use a lot of times in the 200 since the beginning of the message but also note avoid using keywords suffuse.

7. Use keyword phrases in links

Search engine will be the first to link more than the plain text in the search algorithms. So please try to create links using your keyword phrase. But remember to avoid using the link is simply "click here" or "more details" by the link can not help you in optimizing for search engines. So use the advantage of the link by a combination of the keyword phrase in the link. If you can not combine your keyword phrase in the link message then try to use it near the link.

8. Use the keyword phrase in the image

Administrators often see is appears more traffic information is sent to the website from the items image search on search engines. Please change the images used in site really useful for optimizing the search engine and make sure the name and image annotations including keyword phrase.

9. Avoid using quoted block

At present there are still many different opinions on this issue. There is a group that Google and search engines will not display the text ending cited the HTML.
10. Do not use too many keywords

Search engine will have problems with the sites use too many keywords that simply is to increase the priority when search. Some sites are banned are not shown in search results because they are repeated too many keywords. Repeat from too much longer considered a form of spam. So remember do not abuse the keywords in their messages
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