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Chủ Nhật, 7 tháng 6, 2009

Online advertising

In large world of the Internet with millions of people use every day, most of them usually reading of online advertising when surfing the web and that is great opportunity for your advertising and marketing business - product -- online services on the Internet.

Advertising online is what?
As well as the type of ads, ads on the network to provide information, speed of transactions between buyers and sellers. Ads on other Web ads certainly on media in the other, it helps consumers can interact with ads. Customers can click on ads to get information or buy products with models in ads that even they can buy the products from online ads on the website.
Online advertising have created opportunities for advertisers to precisely target our customers and help them run ads with the interests and tastes of consumers. The media's they also have the ability to target selected, but only the Internet with great ability like that.

The advantages of advertising on the network
Ability to select target
Advertisers on the network are more likely to choose a new target. They can target companies, countries or geographic areas as well as they can use the database to make the basis for direct marketing. They also can be based on individual preferences and behavior of consumers to target the appropriate audience.

Ability to track
The marketing on the network to track behavior of users to their brand and explore interests and concerns of potential customers. For example, a production car can track behavior of users through their site and determine if there are many people interested in their ads or not?
Advertisers can also determine the effectiveness of an ad (through the number of ad clicks, people buy products, and the number of ads run, ...) but this is difficult to implement with ad type as on traditional TV, newspapers and notice board.

Flexibility and ability to distribute
An ad network is transmitted 24/24 hours a day, all week, all year. Moreover, the campaign can be started up or cancel at any time. Advertisers can track progress daily advertising, review performance in the first week and can replace the ads in the second week if necessary. This certainly other types of advertising on the newspapers, can only change the ads when suddenly the new ad or TV to the very high costs for change regular ad.

As interactive
The goal of advertisers is associated potential customers with brands or their products. This can be done effectively on the Internet, because customers can interact with the product, test products and satisfying if you can buy. For example, an ad for computer software can send customers to the product display to get information and check directly. If customers like the software, they can buy directly. No type information in which they can lead from information to learn when to buy products without any obstacles, such as the Internet.

Assess online advertising
When online advertising debut, no one must know the value of advertising on the network how. But more on a new model, many trail pricing structure was born. Today, models are priced from all types of fixed price, the price a number of ads, the cost per click the ads, charge for each ad to be transmitted, the number of rows purchased, ...

Buy network ads
A campaign on the Internet, like any media ads, requires the strategic planning to ensure money is used effectively and achieve its objectives
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