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Chủ Nhật, 12 tháng 7, 2009

10 suggestions to avoid problems when participating in social network (part II)

6. Sales approval, post information can be wrong about sensitive topics
Like living in a "real world", you must be careful when giving opinion or evaluation of their comments, especially for sensitive topics such as politics, sex, religion ...
7. Get emotional, mental state when writing
Once the pen is "inflexible" as yeast, it could be the message to it denounce you later. In addition, when the strong emotions such as anger, fear, pain or simply due to lack of sleep, ability assessment will go poor, lost self, may prevent you write what is not should.
8. Ready to say "no" with the friend requests of strangers or sever relations with his bad
Do not be too easy to accept you, when not identify the name or attitudes of the requirements to become your friend. Any imagination, if willing to accept all requests, not any other general you open your home to hundreds of guests to inhabit them, Sam soi, subject to everything you do and write. Of course, if too hard, it could be your friends will do damage when accidentally decline friend requests too.
9. Learn how to use the custom tools and helpful service

One of the most important things you need to be interested in understanding how the social network sites you want to "lodge", as the settings and customization options.
10. Do not use nicknames

You may think, how good and simple to avoid any trouble may as above is to use the nickname when participating in social networks. Of course, you can create the account with fake name and confess the wild huenh anything you want but no one knows
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