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Chủ Nhật, 12 tháng 7, 2009

10 suggestions to avoid problems when participating in social network (part 1)

If you are planning to participate in online community, 10 the following suggestions may be helpful to you.

Currently, social network was emerging as a means of contact, communication and interaction besides the IM and email. With planning PR strategies, social networks are a tool every performance.
1. Site selection services in accordance with needs of

First need to consider is the nature of social network you are using. Some sites to relations career and business, some other are just purely social interactions.
One significant note is the more you use each site for the purpose of, otherwise your site will become a "pot cam Lẩu cross."
2. Know the audience, a track of your page

All social networks are tools to communicate online. When open network, the first thing people are interested in is: who are following, read your message. Because readers will not only decide what you write but how you write it.

You must remember that will be hard to do that to everyone. Ideally, you should have rules of their own. If someone does not like, they can ignore. If they do not follow the rules, you can remove them from removing friends list.
3. Just write what you need in accordance with readers, who tracked. Avoid free time to the game on a variety of social networks

One of the hazards from social networking from your contract đánh audience, a page tracking your personal partners are working with friends generally, family members, etc.. ..

Decision will be posted to the appropriate page on the individual is not a simple as it could be the information private, the personal feelings that can become invisible even to the households to the competitor or the partner you leave ...
4. Interested posts by Friends

If participation in new social network, you may not realize that all those who have access can see all that you have your writing, photos posted on their pages their.
5. A picture worth a thousand, but can also cause the block of confusion

First, please note: do not upload photos or video of your scene or do not like or are drinking, say sin, clothing care sech relatives, display pictures etc. xăm ... even if you are intend to cause a smile, even when you limit the people you see are the most familiar friend. Remember, when you get to the mistakes and then have to remove someone interested and then save the lost.
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