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Thứ Tư, 5 tháng 8, 2009

5 ways to increase traffic to the site

1. SEO - If your website is not listed in the first 3 pages of search engine the opportunity for people to find your site with almost no. Make the analysis relevant keywords, creating meta tags that contain important keywords for the content of your website, write a description prompted a number of these keywords and reasonable adjustments to the keywords appear in the message with the density of about 5%.

2. Create at least 1 blog site - the search engine in general are often "preferred" site content updated regularly, so if you do this, you will have more opportunities to improve site ranking the list of the search. Blog is a very effective way to share the updates of the company, promotion of new products, distribute promotional map, upload videos and photos or give advice online. And do not forget to include the features "favorite" or "bookmark" to the website in case readers find inspiration, they will easily add website addresses to the list of preferred or share them with friends.

3. Write and post messages frequently on the bookmark page, forums, message list - Write regularly and download the articles on this site with content related to free can have more backlink (link to your page) from reputable sites. If writing is not the rent!

4. Join the forum - Participation in regular forums online is important and will contribute to increased site traffic. After registering your account at a forum, please leave a link to website and blog in your signature member. If you have ideas are actively contributing to the forum that you participate, people will be excited with your signature and therefore the access to website will certainly increase significantly.

5. Marketing by email - please send email to the update information to the heat, the latest report on products, special events any time or even the place on your site. Every month you can also organize promotional stage upholster or win awards, the request to participate must be your email address as a condition required, and so is every month, you have a email address stability to implement marketing campaigns
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