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Thứ Bảy, 8 tháng 8, 2009

Venture with real-time Web

While social networks and services are Web 2.0 movement to save the chopping ways of making money, the investment has started notice a new revolution: Real-time Web.
Real-time means all activities taking place in real time, such as content update will immediately appear on the site that users do not need to press F5 to reload the data model as traditional web (similar a chat window).
Attractive points of the real-time web is an online search. Tools such as Google will gather and index (index) sites periodically and when a user search command, it displays content based on what is collected. "Search traditions like you go to a library and see that you do not need. While the real-time web, you can immediately have the contents of other people just posted the system no time index, "John Borthwick, the investor profile for twitter blog, comment.
Borthwick not hide in the chalk are encouraged to speak about real-time Web. This term describes the explosion of online activities such as tweet (message 140 characters on twitter), status on Facebook to share how news, link, video ... completely new. Skip blowing the defense Web 2.0 and advertising revenue did not meet expectations, in the eyes entrepreneurs and investors, technology real-time is considered and the opportunity to follow the Internet.
Some Web service time today:

Twitter with the ability to transmit messages and search time is considered as a threat by the time to Google.

Facebook with a status update and comment (comment) excellent.

Search services Aardvark allow people to ask questions via IM message, e-mail to friends or the system will find the appropriate answers to them.
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