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Thứ Ba, 18 tháng 8, 2009

Tips for post procedure with command line on twitter

Twitter is one of the social networking sites have large numbers of users and the fastest growth today. If not using twitter you need to know that twitter is a blog with the primary message is called a short tweet, tweet each have a maximum length is 140 characters. Tweet enabling users to share information with others.
Some companies and projects start to use twitter as a means of information allows people to track what's happening in the project or the company they are interested. Twitter is a service platform web so you can log in to tweet and view those that interest you. Also twitter API is integrated so you can use many different computer stations to send and read tweet on twitter.
$ ~/bin/tweet "Writing my TechMails"
Successful tweet!
If you only use twitter to share personal information or disclose information about the work without reading other people's tweet, have a very easy way to do this using the command line.
$ ~/bin/tweet Does my tweeter need quotes\?
Successful tweet!
Script wil
if [ $(echo "${tweet}" | wc -c) -gt 140 ]; then
echo "FATAL: The tweet is longer than 140 characters!"
exit 1
curl -k -u ${user}:${pass} -d status="${tweet}" >/dev/null 2>&1
if [ "$?" == "0" ]; then
echo "Successful tweet!"
l include a variable as your tweet:

After running this script you will see your article posted and everyone can see them. This script uses curl to address post written report in order. This article is subject to a binding order as not use special characters (including "!" And "?"). This tweet is not required to be placed in quotes:
Output of the curl command to / dev / null to prevent it returns some XML code is not necessary. Script also ensures that the maximum length of the tweet is 140 characters long and if you tweet more than 140 characters in this command will stop and return an error message.

Using command line to post on twitter very simple and interesting. You can save this script into storage areas of the system version control to inform the public, or can be used with a script to insert the link of a new message and use the service withdrawn Short URL into a link to create a short tweet
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