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Thứ Hai, 17 tháng 8, 2009

Facebook adjacent surface of the giant web

With ambitions to become a "social utility" enough legs to keep the user more time before computers, Facebook have pushed themselves to the borders with the "aged village" Internet.
Facebook continually changing face of the recent days.
Social Network World No. 1 this new upgraded search engine and boot Facebook Lite - a service network society "mini" is to compete directly with twitter. Facebook is designed payment systems to electronic user can online transactions on the site.
Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook is a "social utility".
These changes mark the period of development of Facebook. Company 5-year-old is released a "disease network society" spread wide and now they want to put vast numbers who use a big boat to go to new markets.
"When you become a site that people use many hours a day, of course you will take advantage to try all the services can provide," professor Haim Mendelson under Stanford University said.
Facebook or Google is my search?
According to statistics by comScore, Facebook is in the top 4 websites most visited world in 6 months with more than 250 thousand members. This social network is expected to have turnover of more than 500 million USD this year, primarily from selling advertising.
"Recent changes to show the development of Facebook," Christopher Cox, Deputy Director of Facebook's product, said. He acknowledged the search engine's new Facebook is "yard time" service search twitter and even by "is the village" Google.
In an interview, Mr. Cox said if the previous search by Facebook only allows you to search for friends on social networks, the new version can search the content of the topic Friends are discussed, from health to the Iran situation.
"When you see the food should do, or buy any shoes, or should vote for someone, you will not have to ask hundreds of strangers," Mr. Cox said. "Facebook should provide the answer for you."
Bought new Facebook FriendFeed, a service that allows users to share and search for real-time content across all social networks and blogs. Services are to be key to help Facebook expand your ability to find out the social network's.
When asked about the efforts to develop search engine of Facebook, one of Google's, said: "We have many competitors and they are respected. The problem is more important we must make the search engine of their work better. "
Google has released new search engine, was named Caffeine, are said to be faster, more accurate.
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