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Thứ Bảy, 29 tháng 8, 2009

Top 3 Most Energy Systems Comments

1. IntenseDebate:

IntenseDebate comment system allows you to integrate many features such as video post, comment the video, created by PollDaddy poll, connected through Facebook, Twitter ... you can easily contribute comments on a blog without any registered member.
On the system IntenseDebate, you can use on many popular blogging systems today such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr ... You can easily install and monitor the comment in your account ...

2. Disquss:

Disquss system can be considered as twins with IntenseDebate because it is structured and how to decorate as well as all the same features. You can also use it for various blogging systems like IntenseDebate doing. However, they felt his speed seems Disquss load faster and it is just for the version 3.0 promises to be outstanding features.
3. JS-Kit:

This is a system quite well or comment. But most can not function like IntenseDebate or Disquss but also the free version that meets the requirements of the blogger.
Currently, there are many bloggers are using the system by JS-Kit comment to his blog. However, the next version free, JS-Kit also pay version with many features that IntenseDebate and Disquss but you will not have to pay $ 12 per year to use all these features, while IntenseDebate Disquss and completely free.
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