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Chủ Nhật, 6 tháng 9, 2009

Attract readers with beauty blogs

One way to attract and impress the audience is through art and Forms technical aspects to create a beautiful blog in terms of form and content. Please bring the most utility, comfort, comfortable, and relaxing for the reader.

1. Time is gold and silver, do not start the viewer must wait longer than 1 minute see enough in facial blog / web show up. Want this, do not take too many pictures, sounds ... blog / web, because they constitute a very large capacity. Each blog / site should not exceed 60 Kb.

2. Responsibilities scene blog / website Click the logo, banner ads. Viewers do not have much time, image ads only makes people wait longer when access has caused the feeling bored, annoyed. Each site should only have one or two banner placed at the top and bottom of the page. Can add 5 logo ads placed in positions which do not overwhelm the content.

3. A general advice: blog / site is considered attractive is where users enter the fastest, choose the fastest, best. Experience of web Channel 4, after operating for some time, people even decide to reduce the toolbar, by the learned quickly where they need to, do not need much guidance.

4. Create new browser windows. Techniques for right on a blog / web, you can create a text box pops up at another. One can use this field to promote a new service or facilities.

5. Tools link (link) with the blog / website other.

6. Tools to talk with online interactive text (chat). Two or more people can talk simultaneously over the network about a product or intend to eat something.

7. There forum. This can manipulate the mail client. However, to prevent
information contained jamming, it should have facilities filter (filter), information is not necessarily posted immediately.

8. Recorder equipped vehicles on the blog / web (web cam). This is a new technology allowing television directly to the blog / web, very attractive.

9. Tools allow users to choose the content on the blog / site in its own way. For example choose to top the latest information about their interests such as stock price, price information specific product ... Generally need to prepare more "menu" for guests. Want this, need to clearly understand your specific information on many types of objects used to prepare content for more relevant. How user found this site as his home, his office, feeling comfortable, body damage is very important.

10. Must be the option to bring up the content on your personal or not.

11. If the client to free web blog / website is your memory means for customers to automatically directly.

12. Service information automatically to your e-mail clients, especially clients for free e-mail on the blog / website to remind them to always remember her.

13. If you use free e-mail and data storage, the original e-mail names similar to the original name blog / website to achieve your new goal is to promote the title.

14. Must always put ourselves in position to improve the user content and form, technical means of blog / site for a day more attractive.

15. Ready "Poll readers and hire the consultants Reviewer, suggestions for blog / your website.
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