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Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 9, 2009

How to make money on social networks?

"You dream of a job suitable for all ages; work when you like; no time constraints; that especially higher income. With just five minutes a day will be 50 USD a month and more.

This is one of the ads for typical trend of earning money online fast (quick money online) flourished in the past few years. Test sites are growing with the introduction a sugar like you just sit for 5 minutes each day to click on the banner ads that generate money, even just ... just click drowsiness also ok. The main writer of this article has also been tested as a student and draw conclusions that: make money fast on the island are just tricks of the students empty pockets, light labor, including news. That is not true!

Reality is here

However, with the advent of Web 2.0 and because it is the most powerful of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace ..., it seems promising money for the students money, extra time time, or enlist housewives to earn extra money to help families, or even the office workers sit idle while surfing the web is actually becoming a reality.

Imagine what would you do with 36 million Facebook users in 1/2009 only in the U.S. market? Of course you'll want to get the attention of people that if you are looking to sell a product or service it. And of course you will enjoy if access to 72 million users of MySpace in a month and only in the U.S. market. That is the reason for making many firms around the world to pay for the use of MySpace, Twitter, Facebook for them to do the job ... write it on social networking.

Although the ability to make money based on the development trend of social networking is completely true and is capable of further development, however, there appeared in the warning may result in future making money online is not all pink.

Biggest barriers hindering the ability to make money from members of social networks is also the reason for making social networks, although there are hundreds of millions of members, can not make money from advertising, according to Brett Hurt, founder and general director of the Bazaarvoice web site is: Using Facebook and Twitter are just as involved in a very large cocktail party. The problem is no one Now shopping while cocktail party.

Some other experts said: "At the present time, advertising" society "is anything on the social network where users do not add to the eye to". The social network is not easy to sell advertising for the company because they feared the image and brand of the company may be marred by the inappropriate content is put on social networks every day.

In addition, the pay for members of their social network to praise products and companies will suffer big risk when they can not censor the content unless they request the preview. One other not less important is the type of ads can be feedback effects, where people know they are advertising team lốt confided they may feel as betrayed, cheated.

Barriers second risk losing all your friends who use social networks to advertise. The group members may lose trust in that person and remove (uninstall) them from friends list. Furthermore, when advertising, spam invasion of social networks will soon want users will abandon them. Author articles and officers lived hydrated leave a blog popular in Vietnam since received hundreds of spam messages each day.
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