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Thứ Sáu, 18 tháng 9, 2009

News is still No.1 on the Internet

According to the Association of Online Publishers, although the network has everything from search and procurement through social networking, Internet access, but still spent much time for website content provider information , mainly news.

This is the latest research results of the Internet Activity Index, a monthly activity of the Association of Online Publishers (Online Publishers Association - OPA). OPA said today, Internet access for about 42% of the time online to find information, more than any other activity.

This figure shows a sudden surprise by 2003, only 34% for Internet access time for content information. The analysis by five different sectors (commerce, communication, information content and search) that access the Internet are being attracted to the site by the community (social network) as Facebook and LinkedIn. They are willing to pay for community websites, email or instant messaging (chat).

"In 2008, public sector network started with the popular website emerged as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn," Pam Horan, president of OPA, said. "The new website significantly influence the media, making this sector fell by about 41% of traffic. Social networking also provides the information and other activities more effectively.

Internet access for 5% of the time online for site search (up 3% compared to 2003) and 13% for e-commerce website (down 16% over 5 years ago). OPA also calculated the average time per month Internet access for each consuming sector. Accordingly, they spent seven hours for the website content, 3 hours for the community website and now a website for search Began operations in 2003,

OPA is managed and compiled the report by online research firm Nielsen Online, a monthly published research results on the website of the association.
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