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Chủ Nhật, 20 tháng 9, 2009

Post multiple blog service

If the editor of the blog service does not meet all the features you need to display content as you like, you can use other editing services website Write To My Blog with many outstanding features. Features outstanding

- Support services to Blog: Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, DotClear ... You can post articles on all services on the same time.

- Easily insert flash files, audio, video images to posts.

- Allow, edit, delete messages already post. Usage You access the website Write To My Blog, type the message box titled Title, and editing articles as usual.

You can use the button on the toolbar to:

*Create table

*Create layer

* Highlight

* Check your spelling

* Format text

* Insert special characters

* Sound

* Photos ...

When necessary, you can switch to html editor by clicking the tab Text / HTML.

To insert images from Flickr, Flickr Photo cards you choose, then type the name into the box Flickr Flickr account name, then press Enter. All pictures share the account will be displayed, select the image to insert and click Insert Photo. Insertion is complete, you can perform tasks such as additional description, title image, alignment ... by right-click the image and select Image Properties, select Insert / Edit link to create a link for photos.

To insert videos from YouTube, YouTube Videos you tab, type the name into the Search box video clip -> press Enter. List of video clips found appears, select the video clip and click Insert to insert the video blog. You can also alignment, name the clip and set many different parameters through the Properties dialog box.

Finished editing the content, you click Preview to see the test results. Next, you assign the label (tag) for the article in the Tags box and click the Publish button (if only to save the message as Draft, you select Save as (Draft). In Blog Account page appears, select the service blog post all you want, enter the username and password and click Publish. If successful login, you will see the category list, you select items in the category and click Publish Now to post messages to your blog. For Management management (View, edit or delete posts) had post articles, click Manage Posts.
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