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Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 9, 2009

The Search Engine you can earn money from Tazoodle's Home Page

Google was the pioneer of search engines and continues to dominate the market today. In 2008, Google grossed 22 billion dollars in advertising revenue - a significant increase from the 17 billion dollars they earned in 2007. In December 2008, Google's user base initiated 5.4 billion searches. These are very impressive numbers that won't be slowing down anytime soon. Have they reached the tipping point? Most likely, they've just skimmed the surface.Welcome to the next generation of search engine. Tazoodle is unique and has a potentially unprecedented economically viable twist for clicking - the sharing of revenue with its advertisers and search engine users alike.Tazoodle is the creation of Steve Duval and a nine-person advisory board of which I am a member. Since December, 2008, Tazoodle has morphed into a business model that will compete head-on with Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Participating on this advisory board and seeing the creation of Tazoodle has been very inspiring, purposeful and fun.
Business Model Summary* Tazoodle is a search engine that provides unique information from public and private websites.* Provide website owners a low-cost advertising means for profiling their website to realize mass exposure.*Offer a revenue sharing opportunity to advertisers enabling them to recoup their advertising costs and earn income.* Provide a means for search engine users to earn income from viewing advertiser's websites without cost obligations.* Provide members the opportunity to earn commission income from referrals.This is a snapshot of the many benefits that advertisers and users will prosper from and, with great pride, want to introduce to friends, family and colleagues. This remarkable business model has the potential to become the next trend in Internet search engines and shift the behavior of businesses as they chose where and how they place advertising and marketing dollars.Pre-Launch Advertising Incentives
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