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Thứ Năm, 24 tháng 9, 2009

Twitter has no intention of selling advertising

Biz Stone co-founder of the "Microblog" Twitter , they still intend to sell advertising on the site this year, despite pressure to find revenue sources for this website 2 years old.

Stone of Twitter confirms the situation as "quite good at the present time" with funding from donors and emphasized that the priority of this company is to develop new features. Twitter specifically will focus on developing advanced search functions and especially their account system for commercial users.

"All the partners intend to buy ads on the site will have to wait a while. For the time being we have not thought about this," Stone spoke at the conference Twitter has occurred in Los Angeles. Sub-known blog site has received quite a lot of funding from the venture, but co-founder of Stone declined to disclose specific details about the value of the investments above. TechCrunch, a blog site specializing in analysis of the technology has revealed that an investment in Twitter recently caused the value of this to $ 1 billion.

Although still in the period beginning, but Twitter has quickly become a cultural phenomenon with real traffic worldwide to 44.5 million. However, like other social networks, Twitter is not possible for investors to see their profitability.

Stone revealed Twitter is currently aims to build a system to account for the commercial users pay for features outstanding this year.

"We want people to know that we're still here and we will make money from their products," Stone said. New features are expected to be released as a test. Stone will be revealed this feature as a prepaid, integrated engine "light analysis" allows users to trade information gathered from people who registered.
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