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Thứ Ba, 22 tháng 9, 2009

Check website with Google AdPlanner and BizInformation

Your website is ranked the class how many of the world? Every day how much traffic? Value how ... are questions that any website owner would like to know. With two reviews online services below, you will probably know the position your website on the world map website. Note: the number of reviews of different ways to do their work without much difference.

Google this site require you to sign in with your Google account and accept the terms set out if you want your website. To conduct reviews at the sites you select the Research tab, select the Search tab and enter the site by site to check information (not including characters http://) and click => to complete the declaration. Your job is now waiting results Google AdPlanner for you to check out is completed.

Address access (or access / en if you want to use the Vietnamese language).
This service allows viewing the location of the site, number of visits per day, worth ... site provides information very quickly. After the visit, just type the name of the web address to check the box under How much is your website worth? (or how much is your site worth?) and click on Value (or value), set up online sites will give you a result of information for your reference. The website also links to the chart review daily traffic to your Alexa page references added.
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