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Thứ Tư, 28 tháng 1, 2009

Microblogs will become fever in the community in 2009?

When you start to blog twitter profile page, I think it is just a site to serve the updated information as the other sites ... But I am happy because it has chosen, for Point_chevalier blogger. Feeling when listening to twitter like a few years ago, people comment on MySpace or Yahoo 360: with games, time ... But when a trial, they will realize that it is the evolution of services (IM).

Twitter and attractive model microblog

Twitter was born on 7 / 2006 and only after a year, has more than 100 sites mimic the style of it. Twitter open a new concept on the Internet: microblog is a variation of the blog, in which participants submit the updated version of the body, including images, text or clip limited 140 characters from your phone, Computer ...

After registering an account, users can access the site by those interested in them, as Barack Obama and click "follow" to track the place where America's lift from the BlackBerry. Conversely, a "follow" you, also called a "follower", will immediately read all your updates, sent a similar type for both groups (Send Group) service Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger ...
However, twitter is considered a step in instant messaging IM does not do it by user complaints with the window gum continuously on the screen with the "upper gold lower cam", since the humor is offensive. Thanks to the support application as TwitterFox, Twhirl, TwitBox ... messages will Basket in a window on the screen and not when they need to go back to the page in their twitter (except to follow a block or someone). In addition, they can choose to receive update via SMS, e-mail, RSS ...
"The World is not like before anymore. How we travel, how we communicate has changed and continues to change," Joel Comm, author of book twitter Power, commented. An American student arrested in a foreign country in 4 / 2008, but type the correct time from an "arrested" (arrested) before the mobile phone is controlled. Friends he had contacted the U.S. Embassy and the next he is free.

Twitter does attract 5,000 to 10,000 new members per day, 5 million members and regular growth rate of 600%. Many people recognize they can not kìm is the continuous read and send messages. The group held enthronement of Obama has sent information to inform the weather in Washington for the "follower". The channel even big media like CNN in the U.S., Wall Street Journal or New York Times always maintains the twitter.

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