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Thứ Sáu, 30 tháng 1, 2009

How to increase the number of tracking feed up to 1 million

Only the track feed (Subscribers) blog that you have it or many people tracking the new, from which you can predict blog you know that you are interested or not. If this number is small, we may not have a blog you know five people, but if it big, and prove the contrary. And with only a large number, you can post blogs to "blackmail Hu" for people to see, so we believe that blogs minh "delicious".

This message I call italy's over for you on how to increase the number of watchers feed for your blog. Increase number here with tips, so the increasing numbers have not increased readers. Large number only works is that it only. If you do not like, do not do, because it quite time-consuming, but the number is increased immensely, but you invest more or less time for it.

Suppose you've created your blog for an email subscription form "and then (see the feedburner round), now you simply increase this number to stop. Note: This is the number of black children, used to loe the only other blogger, but no effect whatever.

Tips brief as follows: you subscrible for you (with your email) you will increase the number to subscribler 1. So if you do 100, 1000 times, the number will rise like. Issues raised was how have so many emails, login and activate as many emails that test over death? Simply a pal, if you already read 1 of tips for Gmail, you'll see that with each Gmail account you will have 1 email thousands of primary and secondary email, the following formula:

Primary email address, for example: email.yourmail @
Secondary email address, you simply add plus (+) and 1 child in the natural before the @ (nick name), you will have 1 new email message and it matches your email inbox own. I'll have thousands of secondary email is:

email.yourmail +1 @
email.youtmail +2 @
email.yourmail +1000 @

When you check mail in the main message, the message sent by email will also annex about your primary email Inbox.
From here you'll sure know how to increase subscriber numbers only on how the trouble here

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