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Thứ Ba, 3 tháng 2, 2009

When do you start placing ads on your blog?

Your advertisement is a way to make money from blogs. But what was the good time to place ads on your blog?
Usually there are 2 directions when placing ads for your blog. It is a short-term orientation and long-term direction. Short-term direction that you start placing ads from the first day to the first 6 months of blog. The long-term direction as you start placing ads on your blog since 6 th month onwards. Each direction has advantages and of it. We'll have to go review both directions this
Short-term orientation

1. Earn money soon
If you start early you can make money sooner, the only simple. And when you put the ads to blog right from the first day, the readers will know that, besides writing blog content for you blog is also using the money.

2. Strengthen more prestige for you
If banner ad from your company's reputation or if the banner ad in your profession may be the prestige of your blog will increase. As you can see here, the sites are large ads, such as Bangkok, the location ... but who can read on this website feel that these ads to reinforce the reputation for the website.

3. Increase your motivation
Every day hundreds of people to your site, you must stretch the eyes, mental focus and position to write quality articles for readers. So, if you have money from this, of course will be to continue it.

1. Some readers may not like
Some people may not like the ads, they hate it. And if they are reading your blog, but at times also be advertising the dam's eyes they are on again? And you will lose a reader for your blog. Even your content better, but if they go with the ad, then when you see your blog with ads, they will go.

2. May affect the promotion of your blog
Why is the? If you think you to a website or blog that helps others make money, you do not like? I think that in a any extent here, you also did not ask where to access. even on the social network, just put on your blog, just think you are trying to make money since they are the promoters of the blog is difficult.

3. Difficult to assert your voice
Blog is a tool to communicate on the network between it and the reader, it is the blog to find a new angle of vision, an idea for their problems. But if you put ads on the stars do? We will (may) think that you write a blog just to make money but all what you write is only run in the tastes and attract readers to make money. So voice your blog also lost a the work because they think you're too commercial, not in your primary.

Long-term direction

1. Time to development blog
When you put ads on your blog, you also take time to manage them, think about how to increase the amount earned ... If you put ads up late, you have the time to focus and of your blog and promoting it.
2. Time to consider methods of making money
If you take the long term, you have the time to consider methods of making money for your blog. Because now you other than at the beginning, in the hands you have "capital" - is the traffic, the domain , the brand name and reputation ... You have the right to consider and select forms for their ads, have the right to place your ad in high interest than short-term direction, you only have a few forms to choose as adsense for example.

1. Some readers may find shock
After the blog to your ads, whether you dare to make sure your readers are not a shock when they heavenly day to see your blog chit read ads? Immediately they will have comments. Even some of the back to back with you.
2. Lose money
If you are going towards this, whether you are sorry when you miss a lot of money you can make if you set your ad early?
3. Can take the redesigned
When you start towards this, whether you get your blog layout to how to set 6 months after the ad? For you to light a space to take place 6 months after that ad? And so, you can guess is the ad placement, you will be redesigned to take the blog for advertising. Or if you have improved is the way your money will be limited because how can make money is good, but 6 months later, the type of money back on this past for man, and so, the space available to you is not enough.
Start making money by placing ads on the blog is actually for most professional blogger, because as you see, that money can work and sticking with it. Each approach, long-term or short term may have advantages and weaknesses individual points. And you should seek to harmonize the best for you. Please share with me "when you start placing ads on the blog" ?

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Nặc danh nói...

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with just about any message you want.

Nặc danh nói...

i don't place any ads yet right now....
google has reject my aplication for me..........

Advertise online nói...

As you know on a page maximum ads of google, if you place lot of ads it will not appear, pls read terms.

Nặc danh nói...

I must say that you have given some very powerful tips in your area. I ussually specialize in job listingand i make my visitors very satisfied just like you. Good work

Mujoba nói...

I think you can place ads anytime as long as you have traffic to your site.

Mujoba nói...

I think you can place ads anytime as long as you have traffic to your site.

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