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Thứ Năm, 19 tháng 2, 2009

Way for your blog has many visitors

You just long to blog, how many people know and choose your blog make the legs regularly visit? Here are some effective ways to help the blogger, especially "Johnny Raw", to enable your blog.

1. Write at least 5 "hot". Items "hot" is often that of guiding, directing the reader something. Generally, they are usually longer than 500 words and contain many useful tips. The message type is the real value and long term so will have to travel. You have many items as "hot" the blog as "hot."

2. At least one new post every day. Items does not necessarily have to do is "nail" the best but you should always have the items or beside the daily news and short messages to your blog is always fresh.

It is important for your readers to see your blog updated continuously. It gives them feelings that if tomorrow they visit your blog will already have something new waiting for them. There are so, they will regularly visit your blog.

Not necessarily on you must also post messages, but if you set up this blog is especially important.

Once your blog has a brand name, you still need to keep your content always fresh, but when the audience will not see a shortage if you have to reduce the number of items every few weeks. Some first new launch means very important, so should blog more content rich it as possible.

3. Comments on other blogs. When you have the message "nail" and the message each day is small when your blog is ready welcoming audience. One of the best ways to enable readers to your blog is to comment on other people's blogs.

You should comment on blogs similar to your blog as the readers there will also enjoy your blog. If you have comments or more, useful, readers will want to know mò your blog and to read your article.

4. Links to the entry of another blogger. When you have a new message on his blog and it is related to the message by a blogger, you may link to the article.

This just helps your entry plentiful, more attractive both for the blogger that you are there to remind them in your message. Blogger is open and will visit your blog to read what you write about them. Can then they will become loyal readers of you and if you're lucky, they will also post items relevant to your blog to blog and help increase your amount of readers.

5. Encourage comments on your blog. One of the most effective for the loyal readers that they have found a lot of loyal readers another track your blog. If they see people comment on your blog, they will think the content on your blog really is or should. Since then, they will regularly monitor your blog.

To encourage comments, you can also take a bath questions on their blog. Remember to always respond to comments in the chat continues constantly.

6. Write to the article "hot". All you do above will help you enable the readers to your blog, however, the procedure is only effective when you have the message "hot".

There are no items "hot", you can attract readers with the above, but they will not stay long or you will not regularly visit your blog.

Try to have a message "nail" each week and last year you will have more than 50 articles or data about you enough to attract a large number of loyal readers

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