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Thứ Hai, 9 tháng 3, 2009

11 Seo strategy for the new post

SEO is the process for making the machines do search to find your site in every time it conducted the search. And although there have been specialist in this field, can help you increase your site ranking on the fast the computer search, but if the cost of a problem with you is probably, No. 1 the following will help you when your own body movement:

1. Title page: the text is white on the title bar of the browser window when you see the website 1. To achieve optimal performance when Seo, preferably from 2 to set up this course, together with an analysis by brick along.

2. Domain: If possible, use at least 1 keyword in your domain. You will have advantages over your competitor if you do this. If you have 1 domain, you can use 1 keywords to the file name of the website. For example, if the keywords you select are "adsense tips".

3. Meta tags: The card was contributed description page, it is not displayed on the browser but you can see it by viewing source code of a web page on the browser. Use of this meta tag is a good to inform the computer search for information on the website when looking for it in the site (crawl) by you. You can not use them, of course, but if you want to increase website ranking on his computer search, you should not ignore them. To 1 website is meta tags for keyword and description should not exceed 150 letters.

4. Card marked title: The card check is the title card identifies the title of the html code, for example H1, H2, H3. The card marked title may from H1 to H6, but effective Seo highest first card is 3, from H1 to H3. The search machine dedicated attention especially to this section as they are for the content of the website. When used, you should take 1 to keyword tags H1, 2 or 3 times and H2 tags for multiple cards in H3.

5. Alt attribute of images: 1 images alt attribute is 1 photo 1 text description of the image when hover over the photos on the site. Can you ignore this, but the alt attribute is used the Results are effective SEO is also quite high up.

6. Format the contents: The computer search also pay attention to the content, we pay particular attention to the text deep pool, or in severely Underline. Therefore, please format the text you write, check with keywords in the website by bold (Bold) or Italic, Underline.

7. Keyword density: the density of the keyword to the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase appears on 1 page. However, instead of trying to focus on that keyword and repeated it so much , you can use keywords as naturally as writing content for website, do not remove too. With 1 site, the density should be found in about 2% to 7%

8. Link: Link is a connection the reader through the site. So when it seo also be interested properly. Instead what only 1 phrase "click here", you can add "click here to ... ... There are at least 1 keyword in this link (Anchor link).

9. Links to web: One of the factors to decide the ranking of websites on the computer search is linked to the website. You can do this by exchanging links. But with the computer search, if the content of 2 website link to each other but not related at all, such a site to create links to a site selling the car this is meaningless for SEO. Therefore, one of the quite good for you will find how the message containing the network of areas of your blog, then public message on it, to get the backlinks for you.

Also you can take your site to the directory on the web site, the directory in which the site is a review and evaluation by visitors, Bookmarking sites, this is very effective, because google always appreciate the list website is visited directly assessed. Links to your website from them is quite high value.

10. New Content: Content is always number one, and one way to increase ranking for your site with every search is to write articles of high quality, containing 1.2 keywords in title and headers of messages. Write often, always refresh your website. The computer search is the search site has good content, updated regularly. So make your website as a source of information useful for access.

11. Site maps: What sitemap to help visitors to navigate on your website, and the Sitemaps are designed to guide the computer search in the search this penetrating into your site. This two sitemap same. In order to help the search easy to track your website, please take sitemap is designed for computer searches to Google Webmaster Central and Yahoo Site Explorer.

Seo strategies actually are not too difficult, but it needs time. Take your time to search for a keyword relevant to your site, and then spend 15 minutes a day to use the SEO tools, the SEO strategy until you have final results. Why do you pay for access by advertising pay per click if you do not need to do it?

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I like your article about 11 SEO Strategy for the new post..

There are very good tips and useful in this article for blogger to learn about SEO. 11 SEO Strategy in article above must use it for blogger in their blog.

The advantage learn SEO that we can improve our google rank, Have high traffic from Search Engine and make your blog more profit.

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