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Thứ Ba, 3 tháng 3, 2009

To retrieve the PageRank on the Google website

Your website has been dropped, even with out catching ranking by Google? Or your computer may not know when it dropped and the reasons why? There are many possible causes including here. However, in the framework of this article I'll show some of the main causes and how to recover your position for your website on Google.

Some reasons:
The reason most commonly cause some Web sites are catching out of the index (index) Google is because these pages use the procedure in the morning not to achieve a high position (higher ranking) in search tools Search.
If you use the technical SEO "black hat" as cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages or any other procedure in order to "deceive" the search engine, the Web site will be banned from the Google Index as soon as detect it. Do not find any way to deceive the Google, the search algorithms increasingly more sophisticated, it "opposed the" back tableful!
A reason other Web sites also make your catch from the Google Index, even if you do not use the procedure "dark" on, the Web page when you are down while Google is trying to index it.
If you have a new Website, or you create some major changes on your site, Website will be "served the" sandbox on Google. You have to wait until "he" Sandbox "under" you out.
However, for SEOer professional, they have many ways to help your site is always at the top positions of Google first. Here are 3 basic methods to the Web your list on Google:

1. Optimized content of your website.
Google can only give your website top position (for keywords) when it is to recognize the content of your site is nothing. To do this, you must optimize your Web pages to Google.

2. Build good links.

Google is mainly based on the connections (links) to determine the ranking of sites. The more Web pages link to your website, its position as high. You must ensure that the Sites link to your website must have related content and contains words relevant to your site.
You can use tools like ARELIS and IBP's Link Popularity Empower to attract connect to your Sites.

3. Avoid using the procedure in the morning not

The use of the procedure will not in the morning to optimize your Web site not sooner or later will be out for Google from the list.

If you have to use tricks such as cloaking, doorway pages or hidden text, then rebuild your site with the method than the network, This be protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it. to inform them that you clean out the procedure and then the promise and will not use again.

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