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Thứ Tư, 11 tháng 3, 2009

Five Browse Celebrity

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Chrome like beautiful girls that attracted strong by Gender attraction in itself.

Firefox convergence of the quality you want and will not occupy the position in your mind. Although sometimes heated, you will find it difficult to share if their hands. This does not come from her own that the first price you are her fans to send a gift. When dating with Firefox, of course you also enjoy them, and what makes your life become easier than ever. (Firefox is highly appreciated by the plug-in written for this browser is very rich and useful).
Piece tomorrow, attractive and in the - if this is a sample of women you dream the Opera is a great choice. Her brisk, rolling on the bed smoking but you can not explore all should be sometimes feel satisfied. (Light Opera, work fast but hard to use).

Safari really hot and you also find yourself the crown in her party. But do not penalize me because she pulled the đám or friends when you invite her to the game. (Apple's browser beautifully but their compatibility and security of average).

Chrome tough but very friendly and faster. However, she is love she has too little experience pillow. Please forget the lessons of art and the Kama Sutra satisfied with "traditional style". (Due to appear some months, Google Chrome is equipped basic features)

In general, she is on the first of many men. She is still attractive but more livable, so you may cause infection. (Internet browser is most popular in the world but also criticized many of the security).

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I like your article abover..very intresting and useful information.

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