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Thứ Sáu, 13 tháng 3, 2009

blog optimization

When creating a blog, you often focus on the interface and widget for blog and beautiful but the optimization for optimal performance and is useful almost unheeded. Whether you use a blog to make money, personal or business go, you must also make sure your blog optimized for reading (if you want them back to their blog) and SEO. Optimize a blog is important but many blog appears to have ignored. Although it can completely take you to blog extensively all.
Here are some tips to help you optimize your blog for both readers and the search:

1. Dispose default template: Please hire a design template or use a free template and customized it so that it is unique about you. Do not use the default template or to his seed with many other people too. In addition, it should be suitable for SEO or not anymore. Most of the psychological people choose theme template or to see it beautiful or not and how that has forgotten the important part is SEO.

2. Color distribution: When you edit the theme might be easy to change the color for it, but you should note how color distribution to the target readers are there nhé. Consider and how to match, this may seem not important but it makes it feel friendly to the reader in your first look.

3. RSS: If you are using a web-blog is sure sure you always have RSS. Many theme or blog entirely show RSS link on the main page, you need to add it. And when you add it to the link to ensure that RSS is always displayed. RSS Do not link to the "bottom" sites that readers need to scroll through 20 posts can see. Set RSS link on your sidebar, this is very easy for readers to detect and find it.

4. Offer RSS and Feed buttons: When people subscribe to read a blog, they will search for the orange RSS logo as a standard blog. So if you want to blog in his collection of RSS readers create the conditions they subscribe to your RSS is easy and fast. FeedButton is a service provided an RSS button as list when you click to get RSS for hosting service RSS today.

5. Provide feed via email: Supply RSS via email readers is a form feed is more preferred because the messages will be stored and sent via email to readers, the messages will be stored without lost if problems occur.

6. Provide full feed or just a part: This depends on personal preference and the subject of your blogging. This way the two are the different benefits. If you provide a full feed, you will benefit in the ad to the feed if you only take part article, you will not be able to put ads on the feed readers to your blog and can see. This may depend on each individual but you should put the priority on first reading.

7. Write the first real attraction: If you use the evermore plugin or provide a partial feed, please write the beginning that it will show to your readers see the real attraction to pull them to read the rest of the message. Simple procedure for you to have more people read your post since this is only a note from the number of required written introduction to each article.

8. Let your mind to your writing: One of the favorite habit of a blogger is writing the very long and detailed .... But when you look back there you will see, it really confused and then ram the eye for read, can not find a word in the thousands from the mix tightly close to each other between the lines like this. You need to line and down to the appropriate message in clear and present reasonable than

9. Font: This is perhaps a problem is set up as the blogger theme Search. You need to check it is showing with good English or not. If you do not need to edit the font's default theme to display for the reader. You should only use a type font is Arial, not using any other type. There are some blogger love to use the font type in addition to the blog seems better but this is really not good for reading if you do not use the font you use, they only see a standard font is Time New Roman.

10. Do not forget Navigationbar: This is quite important. Do not just link to the main page of the blog link please put more of the recent messages, view messages in the most ... your sidebar, this is very helpful for many readers and yourself.

11. Host your fast money? This seems to be considered first when building a blog. You should consider the amount that existing lease for a good host for a high speed, this is very beneficial. Would be very distasteful to you as if waiting several minutes to load a message or click a link at a web host very slow, it seems not working. On the other hand, may be some inevitable because they miss a mistaken purchase or use free host, you should use less than the widget and use the theme does not have as many picture in Imageless WordPress Themes that have Introduction

12. Avoid those heavy widget too: Can you find it beautiful and great if you add more widgets to the blog as MyBlogLog or Flickr photo box to your gallery. But the widget is an enormous amount of javascript code must implement the load each page so it will make your site slow. Do not lose work time and offensive to readers because the nice but not necessary.

13. Description Subject: Important! Could be a slogan or a short description to blog or the title of your blog. If you use the keyword related to your blog as often as possible in this description, because it will show up search results by search engine.

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