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Chủ Nhật, 29 tháng 3, 2009

Should companies set up blogs? (Part II)

How to become a successful blogger

If that blogs will mean that any of the activities of your business, here's what you sometimes need attention and remember well:

Start with the goals, policies and language. Please specify what you want to achieve through the blog and to the goal that decided the content of the blog.

For example, you may want to build an image leader in the prestigious field of your business, please share, promote your site in search engines or online different activities and business compared with competitors.

As such, for your blog, you need to decide some basic principles, such as never say bad, dem phase competitor.

Ensure an appropriate blog and personal. People who read blogs want to know you or others in your company. You also need to present thinking about the trends happening in your business.

Suppose your company specializes in real estate business, blog readers will want to know what your thinking about purchasing trends currently on the market property.

Also you need to ensure the blog content is private by speaking directly to readers. Tell them a story. Use a personal voice điệu and more dialogue.

Ensure useful. When you give useful advice and links to other sources of information other attractions on the site, readers will have more motivation than to tell the others about your blog.

For example, if you've read a book on issues that readers are interested, then please write a short comment on the book blog.

If your company blog is a source of useful information, the owner and blogger sites surely will want to link to your blog. And more sites link to your blog, search results on blog search engine online will be more increased.

Use relevant keywords throughout your blog. This is a way to promote the ranking of search on the blog search engine online.

For readers always "hungry." If the content of your blog is clear, short and alluring, the reader will return full time to other times.

Not too focused target marketing. Do not use your blog as a tool for re-affirmation of press releases, catalog sales or other content is built to serve the marketing, PR or advertising. The reader can see that's marketing, promote your leave but not return again.

Regular updates. Readers will expect information on the blog is new and update regularly. If you blog updates once a month or less, you can not develop a relationship associated with the diligent reader. Clearly, frequency of blog updates as large as many, the attraction as many people read this much. Blog will be the loyal readers.

Interested in sharing responsibilities. Work for a blog is also quite time consuming. Sharing tasks and maintaining blog with everyone in the company can significantly reduce the pressure. Moreover, the diversity of different can make a blog becomes more attractive.

Sticking with it. If you decide to set up the company blog, you and everyone in the company must also sticking with the blog to maintain and develop it on a larger more powerful. An abandoned blog will give readers a good impression of your company.

Preparing for dissemination. Because the blog is something quite new today, some shareholders of the company you can not completely convinced about the benefits derived from this tool.

Please explain to them about why a blog can help effectively for business. If possible, please use the example of the success of the blog has attracted customers how, had better improve relations with customers and how the benefits more.

Consultation by the consultant's reputation. Before hand to carry out any solution to any new market, you need to consult the advice of experts that you trust.

You have a familiar business owners have a business blog? If so, find out about the impact of blogs on business operations of his company. As such, you should refer to opinions of experts in marketing or outside the company before you build the objectives, content and style blog for your company.

Finally, you talk to the network administrator, web designer or web consultant on issues related to the set on the blog site business or build a separate blog site; should use the keyword any;
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