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Thứ Năm, 9 tháng 4, 2009

Factors ranking Google website

When developing a website or a blog, an element very necessary that you not interested, that is of the search. You may be very hard for readers by promoting your blog on the forum or on another blog, but if you know how to optimize the blog or your website for the search you back very easy, you will not do, just sit and play the search automatically bring viewers to your blog.

Simply say so, but how to optimize your blog for a job is not simple. To optimize the blog for the search, you first must understand principles of ranking them.

SEOMoz wrote a document is very detailed with the title Search Engine Ranking Factors V2, which total 34 technical optimization for the search and principle activities of Google. I would Brief 5 factors to impact positively and 5 factors impact negatively on the most important results rank your website.

Top 5 factors positively

1. Keywords used in title tags
2. Words used to link to your site (Anchor Text of Inbound Link)
3. Number of links from other sites to your site
4. Age of site
5. The level of popular link site

Top 5 factors that negatively

1. Server often is not access to bot
2. Content very similar or the same content already in Google's Index
3. Your site links to sites with low quality or spam sites.
4. Join link exchange or link trading
5. Title tags or meta tag in many duplicate pages

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