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Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 4, 2009

Google Adsense Not Accept New Members Sign Up Domain If yourdomain Is Under 6 Months

Have you found it, recently registered Adsense is not easy and some do but most of the Registration of blogger are denied to many different causes and the reasons that Google does not disclose to as the life of the domain registration adsense.

If the website / blog or temporarily called domain when you register for Google Adsense less than 6 months old with more content to prices is more risk declined. This never happened before and even in the policies and the Google Adsense TOS and never mentioned this problem, prices are only the requirements relevant to the content and quality content only.

This does not only affect the new blogger to join the register can also affect the blogger has an account at Google Adsense and then. If you already have an account and then you take that code on their blogs or websites to establish new (under 6 months) is also the risk of locking your account. Here's how to remove Google spammer and auto-blog or collectively, the domain "poor quality" and check the entire system is still in progress that the member does not know.
One other note that you should remember when you register Google Adsense account is your name when registering to Adsense same name when you register domain by Google Adsense have a team to check this when considering records posted signed. They easily identify your employer must have the purpose of the domain or through the company you bought the domain name.
So, to help you register with Google Adsense 2 succeeds, the minimum conditions to be met are (1) a focus on developing content for the blog at least half a year (6 months) and (2) is so purchased with the new domain name, and if the acquisition of the domain name should update their sales in the domain to avoid any doubt when registering adsensẹ
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