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Thứ Hai, 6 tháng 4, 2009

Failure to build links for website (repost)

Link system is an important factor in website ranking on search in the keyword and also as indicators to evaluate Google PageRank for your website. Webmaster however many have the wrong understanding of the construction of the link. Here are the wrong way out of building a link system to bring potential customers from the search results in search. SEO topic of Vietnam and edit the source webpronews, vietseo and egolviet.
- Exploiting thoroughly to exchange links. The abuse link exchange was outdated. However, if used and the natural limitations, the method of exchanging two-way link can still be exploited. Methods discussed here, link to based on the content of the website exchange links. But websites with content similar to your site or near the same will help you more.
- The more links pointing to it as possible. Number of links is necessary but not sufficient. You need to pay attention to the quality of links; focusing factors and validate the reliability of the Website, can not link spam and innocent or that attention to quality of links from that link.
- Do not use characters link (text links). Characters associated value than multiple links use images or JavaScripts or Flash. Optimizing character link (archor text) will help you a lot in your keyword ranking.
- Farm link - link for free. This is one of the SEO tricks that webmaster use a lot, but this procedure is effective since a few years. The computer search easily detect and apply the method of participation Website farm system on the link, refer to Google's guidelines for webmasters looking for a specific about this.
- Only link to the homepage. Please optimize the structure by the Website links to the different elements on the page. Conversely, too many links from the homepage but no links on the page in links to make your Website is not natural and computer search will pay attention to this. Attention of the link and use the link as much depth as possible, the inside of the new website contains the content and tends to serve the reader is always high.
- Use a 302 redirect. Use 301 Redirect instead of 302. Use the navigation 301 Permanent Redirect will help move the ranking of the old site to new page. According to the theoretical approach to the 301 page to help keep the page rank for the new structure. Be very careful when moving the site, especially change domain or sub-domain, remember that the index of the page you are hosted on the google cache, google, and it is 301 to 302 players
- Do not use nofollow. Google is trying to encourage Webmaster maximum use nofollow tags to optimize the "share ranking" and anti-spam.
- Site content is not valuable. Website content as rich and unique as you have many opportunities there are natural links pointing to. Try to create a backlink nature, the backlink is a lot more useful.
- No socialization content. Society and the content will help create the events, wine on the media and help bring more access to your site. Join the social network and dig information, resources backlink endless ....
- Trade links. Be careful with the purchase link and make sure you are doing, or at least should also embed the link in purchasing content relating to the topic of your Webstie.
- The link you, link spam: Currently, Google is increasingly show more interest to the content of the forum, and the problem is still their main headache is the link spam innocence and the Forum, and luy Us copywriting it.
Try to focus on building links naturally 1, and always enhanced the comfort of the reader, good content will attract millions of readers, in millions of numbers that are always thousands of people use digg and bookmark information, and ensure that the number of thousands will have hundreds of bookmarks and digg the content of your messages .... a source of endless backlink.
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