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Chủ Nhật, 26 tháng 4, 2009

New trends advertising and marketing in the world

If your business is using the form ad and marketing of the years should have time to stop to evaluate the effects and effectiveness of this method. World has changed a lot and tastes, preferences of consumers also changes strongly.

* Advertising on mobile phones
According to the Association's marketing mobile America, to the year 2008 will be approximately 89% to brand the world use messages as text via the media to reach customers .
In addition, approximately a third of companies in the world will spend more than 10% of marketing budget for his ads on the media this.

* Advertising on Internet
Internet advertising accounted for 33% the cost of advertising companies in the U.S. in last year. Islamic first year, Google announced an advertising program is connected to the search services on the Internet company and AdWorks program, which allows businesses to attract customers to access the site Google to find the place of business "offline" by them.
Advertising on the Internet today are increasingly popular as a "blog", where companies can reach a customer has specific individual one narrow the market segment that market. With the support of Internet and broadband costs as video tends to decrease, enterprises will use forms of advertising with video online more than.

* Marketing targeting older people
According to the statistics on world population, every 7 seconds, the world has added a step to age 50 and people in this age and will increase 25% within 10 years. Therefore, experts believe that marketing has to work on the marketing needs to change the concept for older customers.
Compared with the previous generation, the older customers are now more dynamic, more open and ready to test products and new services. Characteristics of client group is older: income available increasing; tend to travel more often and purchase group; Viral marketing through friends, relatives often work great for them, they always look forward to enjoying the perfect service.
According to marketing experts, companies should advertise to reach this client group by observing what they do, instead of just divide them by age group. Notably, now there are many people aged 40 -50 are returned to university, or married a second time and must care for a young family.

* Marketing through system building social relationships
Today, many customers make new friends on the Internet through the site building social relationships such as The site is world's millions of customers of various ages, geographic areas and interests vary. According to several experts in the community, the site so will give the market a huge opportunity.
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