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Thứ Sáu, 1 tháng 5, 2009

New updated in Google Adsense Policies you should Know

1. Violations of the Google brand name: This policy has always existed in the terms and conditions of Google before, but now they move it to the 'Ad position' to help you easily search. Under this policy, Google does not allow ads or search boxes are placed on pages that abuse the Google logo, brand, brand or features in the page content or URL, and can deceive false user thinking to pages linked to Google. Understand the conduct na you can not put AdSense on pages impersonation .. partner of Google or similar to mislead readers.

2. Fraud in implementing ads: Google has clarified this policy a bit in the 'Promotion Press' that the ads can not be formatted in a way that makes the reader can not distinguish where is advertising and what are the messages, click to make a mistake. This much said, but if you consider the features that will allow Google to "spar". Only sure way is task blindness advertisers only.

3. Put ads in email programs and e-mail: This clarifies that the policy update Google ads, search box and search results may not be placed in email, as well as next to the email .

4. Policies of other products of Google: With this new policy, the blogger join adsense are not allowed to place ads, search box or search results above, in, or with products Google in a way that violates the policy of the products or services of Google. For example, this will include placing ads on sites that allow users to download YouTube video, which is not permitted in the Terms of Service YouTube.

Understand broader point # 4 is now out of compliance with the policy of AdSense, we must comply with many more policies of the program, Google products.
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