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Thứ Tư, 8 tháng 7, 2009

Top 5 search the blog for very useful for blogger

Today, the blog is becoming the trend 1 common and means to make money online. The blogger is represented everywhere, with large quantities around the world, including blogging business and professional balance. Content is written on the blog include many genres: politics, entertainment, design, technology, news ...

There are many valuable content on the blog and not when you can find on page search simple. So have a lot of services to support this.
Here are 5 pages for search blog, where you can easily find many useful information that many or when Google can not have Bing.

1.Google Blog Search

This is only reliable for the blogger to find content on the network. Google Blog Search also just launched more new features very useful for users. Home service also displays messages are hot throughout the blog, work similar to Techmeme, enabling users to easily monitor the events are hot.

2.Icerocket Blog Search

Icerocket site is specialized in searching for content on the blog. Results available including Video, News. This page also allows you to search on twitter and MySpace. Blog Search

Ask one of the leading search world, specializing in web search. This service also supports more search network on the blog. You can search all the content on the network, this feature was launched in early 2006. Ask Blog Search supports the tracking feed from search results and users can sort the results by level of popularity, date ...
1 Blogscope is part of the research project under the University of Toronto. This is to help address the blogger can search for better results from 35 million blogs indexed. Results show very fast and good. Blogscope also help users browse through the results by clicking the link found.
This is 1 web directory for blogs where the blogger can submit their sites to the individual topics and search results based on this blog.
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