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Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 7, 2009

26 tips to explore Bing

With people like change, like a new experience instead of the search engine Google familiar, this is the opportunity to explore Bing
Bing is the search for a decision, it held the search results categorized by categories, and provide tools to perform for example, want to search as the product, planning a trip or find Search local business.

Here are some tips to help you explore search engine Bing Microsoft:
1. Use the full Bing

Bing has many versions for each market different versions of this lack many features. If you use Bing areas outside North America, you may need to use local versions, such as Chinese for example. To use the Bing full features, on this site and set United States - English as the default area. So, you can use all the features of Bing from anywhere.

2. How to find information weather reports
In the search box, type the city name, then or since Weather Forecast. As Hanoi or Hanoi Weather Forecast.

3. Unit Converter

In the search box by Bing, type the number or volume, then type operator "in" units and want to convert. For example, type "10 kilometers in miles" or "50 degrees F in Celsius." The unit can switch to the operator 'in "including space, weight, time, and the possible temperature.

4. Find the current stock price
In the search box, type the code name on the floor of the stock by that company since then stock (shares) or quote (price). For example to find financial information by corporations Google, type "Google stock" or "Google quote.

5. Search for information statistics

In the search box, type what you want to search. For example, the population of USA (U.S. population) or in U.S. cars (the number of cars in the U.S.).

6. Solve simple mathematical

In the search box, type or method of calculation you want resolved. For example, do the calculation:

9 +4 / 1 - (5 * 3)

sin 10 * 40

14% of 94

Or do the equation, such as:

4x = 19

2y ^ 2 + 5y + 10 = 40

Solve 2x + 7 = 4

7. Search for hotels in the city
People planning to holiday, you must find the hotel, try some examples: Vegas hotels, or hotels in Orlando, or Hanoi hotels.

8. Track Flight Status
To track flight status, try the following example:
Flight Status for United - Bing will be asked to enter the flight number on the first result. You enter the flight number, then press the "Get Status".
Flight status - Bing will ask you to enter your name and flight number. After entering both this request, click the 'Get Status'.
If you know your flight number, enter it into the search box on, this site will return in flight ua820 immediately.

9. Search for airfare bargains
If you want to vacation and purchase ticket price. Try some of the following example: type 'Flights from Seattle to Boston,' or 'flights from San Diego', 'or flights to Boston.

10. Advanced search with Bing
Many times provide search results may not relate to what you need. Search through the site is very tired and lost time. Use the tips advanced search to limit the search results. Do not type the space after the colon in those keywords.

11. Search by file type
To find the site contains links to the audio file type by Microsoft is Windows Media Audio (. Wma), type 'music contains: wma. Tag 'contains' to the search results only focus on the sites linked to type of file you want to search.

12. Search for files or documents by file type
To find the file or document as PDF format, type muom topic search, which is followed by filetype: pdf. Results returned will only show the sites containing the file types you limit. For example, SEO filetype: pdf's results will contain the type of pdf file. If you are looking for SEO filetype: doc, Bing brings results in a format. Doc Microsoft. You can restrict search for any type of file is.

13. Search for MP3 music files
Tag 'contains' in the results that link to this type of file you want to search. For example, if you type 'Britney Spears contains: mp3, Bing will display pages on Singer has links to music file MP3. Besides MP3, you can search for music file format other.

14. Search the site by IP address
Type the keyword 'ip', then type the IP address of the site. For example, IP:

15. Search has hit
To find the football results, but information associated with, type 'football prefer: organization. Phrase 'prefer' to help find the emphasis to the results returned linked to the content you want to appear poor.

16. Search by country or area
In the search box, enter the keyword search, enter country code or region, followed by the word 'loc' or you can add the word 'OR' to add more countries. For example looking for sites Sculpture (Sculpture) from the U.S. or the UK, type Sculpture (loc: U.S. OR loc: GB). Bottom part of the search results page can see the images of the products from these countries.

17. Search a site
To find information about the blog from BBC or CNN, type "blog" (site: OR site: To focus on two or more sites, use "OR" to add the web group other.

18. Search RSS feed
To find the RSS feed for football, feed type: football.

19. Search RSS feed of a particular site
To find the RSS feed on your site New York Times, type site: hasfeed: football. Phrase 'hasfeed:' for the sites (webpage) RSS feed contains a keyword that you request a page on the web.

20. Check the site index on or not?
To confirm the view with Bing index sites that do not, type url: For example, type url:, Bing will only be a result.

21. Check the number of webpage Bing index
Type site: to see how much the index webpage on For example, site:

22. Convert currency
No need to find the currency change. Just type 'convert 100 dollars to yen' money to convert the USD to Japanese yen.

23. Track package delivery fast
To track packages sent via the company moved DHL Express or UPS, just enter the number of packages in the search box on For example, DHL 2710172150.

24. Combine or eliminate
Use keywords OR and NOT to combine or exclude words. For example, if you use 'NOT Red Apple', you will get results for Apple, not the Red Apples. This feature is available in a localized version of the Bing.

25. Search the exact phrase
If you want to find an exact phrase, use quotation marks. For example, "money making blog. This feature is useful when you want to find a message in error when developing applications or tools that.

26. Remove wallpaper by Bing
Many people think that wallpaper on the homepage of Bing separation can not remove. However, reality can remove wallpaper on the homepage of this search easy.
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