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Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 7, 2009

Browse the web faster and easier with Firefox 3.5

Firefox version 3.5 has just issued a total success. Version of the new Web browser remarkably quickly, controlling tab flexibility than a series of improvements to the interface, and like every other browser does this, it is the private web surfing "porn mode ". If you are using Firefox, you'll want to upgrade immediately versions if this is not the version of this provide a good opportunity to test the browser.
Speed - concerns top
For many people, all the competitiveness of the browser is focused on a single speed it is. No doubt what is the speed of Firefox version 3.5 significantly faster than version 3.0. Can see the page load faster for many reasons, reasons of the most important is that Mozilla has built a new JavaScript tool called TraceMonkey in this version of Firefox.

Speed of the new version is made arguments. Mozilla has said that check the operation of version 2, 3 and 3.5 in SunSpider JavaScript benchmark (measuring tools speed feedback JavaScript in your browser) and confirm that the test results showed that the latest version is faster than than 2 times the Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 faster than 10 times. The participants in the experiment also reported similar results
Private browsing

Today, any browser will need a web browser mode "pom mode", and with version 3.5, Firefox now also own such a method. It is called "private browsing" (in Internet Explorer is called InPrivate Browsing), and it works as the main name of it. When you browse the Web in this mode, no information of the session to be stored - no history, no cookies, no temporary file, no information on the forms, no information search, no What information shows that you browse to find where or what to do.

To use the web browser privacy, your Tools menu -> Start Private Browsing, or press the keyboard Ctrl-Shift-P
Start a private web browsing

If you agree Firefox will close the current tab and immediately launch a browser window private. From here, you can browse the Web as usual and without any information of any session is saved. To end the session just closed Firefox, or on the Tools menu -> Stop Private browsing, or press the keyboard Ctrl-Shift-P. Session will now end, and Firefox will immediately launch the all the tabs have been saved before you browsing privacy.
The improvement of interface

New version of Firefox also has some interface improvements, the improvements of which is the ability to open the window or tab that you closed earlier. This function appears in version only through the additional add-ons.

History and select search category 2 in the bottom menu - Recent Closed Recently Closed Tabs and Windows. 2 From this list, select the tab or window you want to open again. Note that this feature only works with windows and tabs you have closed in the current browser. After the browser you can restore them.
Key points

If you are using Firefox, the upgrade is probably natural. Web browser significantly faster, the ability to open tabs and windows are closed before the main improvement, and thanks to PrivateBrowsing no one will be put into your life.

The video on the web is very convenient, but they will not really useful until the sites began to use it. This is similar to Location Based Browsing and some other improvements.

Note to those who use Firefox in the update of Firefox before, a few components add-on supplements such as Google Gears could not work until they are updated to work with the version 3.5.

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