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Thứ Bảy, 15 tháng 8, 2009

95 years old blog site and enliven

Stories about her after the age 95 will help you understand the superiority of the great blog - "bringing the message" fast world, help you share the experience of your world. Review the past, towards the future. Soft Skills for blog would respectfully introduced:

Since the walk to the virtual world to 12 months in 2006 (her first to the internet and the blog), Ms. Maria Amelia Lopez, 95 years old, Spain's, has attracted thousands of readers from around the world the message with their depth.
95 years old blog site and enliven ...
Ms. Lopez, now call their own is "old blogger in the world", just found the Internet last year to hear a voice from the computer.
Mrs. Maria Amelia Lopez blogging describing scenery in summer Muxia - Spain, where she was born, and a farm in Galicia region, where she lived during the rest of the year.
Readers called her a "little old woman", they tracking her to reflect on the present and reminisce the past.
350,000 hits!

Online diary of her ( is an editor and restaurants with the rich formula to living life-from fashion and the right of workers to Terrorism Basque origin and the nuclear Iran.

Her grandson, brother Daniel, 35 years old, made this blog instead of birthday gifts for her to 12 months. Since then, Ms. Lopez's blog has attracted 350,000 hits, feedback and attention of the media in the foreign country such as Chile, Venezuela, Russia and Japan.

"This is a new world," Ms. Lopez said. Women sometimes have fine high brow and eyes, along with Sharp usually read them for you to type messages. "Like the dialogue, and hear me say become my friends." Ms. Lopez, now call their own is "old blogger in the world", just found the Internet last year to hear renowned from the computer - when it is her grandson talking with a friend in Mexico.
Sitting in the computer room by the town hall in a peaceful town, northeastern Spain, she reminded, "meanwhile, I thought 'what story you ?'".
And when you hear the explanation, Ms. Lopez decided to use the Internet as a tool to promptly world.
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