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Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 8, 2009

What is a professional blogger

1. Relationships blog

The most important thing in the way professionals are established relationships blog. This is the very difficulty and difficult to implement a lot blogger.

First, build the relationship is not simple, we can not get to know me through a few questions disable quick comment outside (fast comments) you must set their own routine monitoring, reading the content of the blog their comments as sincere. Just a few times so they will only feel concern for you and they will come to you no matter anymore.

Second, when the popular blog the relationship became more important than ever. At this blog you get all the love and jealous, was offensive. The modest, calm and dexterity is always a choice, if not the blog you will lose the beautiful image in the eyes of others.

Third, you need to show interest in the "guest bowel. If you have time, you should monitor their blogs regularly, answering quick comment to avoid the network is "self", "Chảnh" ...

2. Brand Blog

Brand name show the position of a blogger's professional community. There are many ways to build its own brand name but has a point all the content and form are the community (public) goods.

Effectively used is the "identity" is available by you, you are the most beautiful girls. The avatar is usually easy to attract the attention of people, attracted more comments to know ...

3. PR blog/website

Your relationship is more extensive opportunity to promote your blog more. You can ask a blogger with Vietnamese entry about you. This is very effective because they PR serial number through guests access their page. In addition, you can exchange banner, feed, or put links in the blogroll ...
Many people go

Or you PR serial themselves with many quality entries, then you can spam or send advertising messages. This causes troubles for some people but will also have many blogger to find and introduce to your friends (spread effects). Spam is sometimes way of effective PR blog. You should also join the coalition Celebrity blog or participate in activities with impact to the community.

4. Culture and copyright blog

A professional blogger is cultural communication with the entry does not reach the charity, not recognize the problem under the eyes of the owner. Should dexterity and protein the first phase have count attention of another blogger. For messages collection, you should specify the origin to avoid the unfortunate mistake. Respecting copyright is how you respect yourself.
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