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Thứ Năm, 13 tháng 8, 2009

Facebook Lite: the competitors of the new twitter

Many Facebook users have received an invitation to use the new service named Facebook Lite to the 11 / 8. Although still in beta, but the service promises to be a class consisting of twitter.

Invitations using Facebook Lite sent from address As in the period to improve access to the site is not stable. But with images and new features appear, Facebook Lite has found that "face" of their future.

Services of Facebook is designed as a Facebook page collapse, the information is very basic and brief profile of the user, the purpose is mainly to update the message short and emotions. The characteristics of this cause many people to guess that this is "the assignment" of a target Facebook twitter not stop big development manh.Voi Facebook Lite, it seems like Facebook is doing meet mobile needs more than 250 million existing customers. Also similar to twitter, Facebook's interface Lite is simple, appropriate for information on mobile devices have the connection speed limit.

In addition, integration with a small profile, Facebook may want to target a product "all-in-one" on their website where their customers can update information every second, write or update now, entertainment and chat with friends.

Facebook representatives have not made any comments about this event, and it seems like a very secretive information to cause incidental to the use of their
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