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Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 8, 2009

Google about to launch the new search

While Microsoft is that the wine with Bing and started with Yahoo, Google has quietly prepared for a new breakthrough soon launch version of the Google Search next.

In fact, the race of the search is not simple as what the observation that. Long time, Microsoft is still the man standing outside the first big market Internet. But with determination of " the rich", a software from Redmond scrupulous not read the hands of the new search Bing, and ready for more league that essence is the share of sales of Yahoo Search with just one step then is to become indispensable.
Google is such as to face the wind, but the challenge before combines Microsoft - Yahoo gathering, "kings" of the Internet can not wink.

Besides market share is to include Bing, who for the FriendFeed Facebook with 50 million dollars will make a market for the new development which is search engine in real time, the weapons are harmful and trends technology this morning, with the challenges that Google can not wink.
The project is still in development stages, but Google confirmed, employers could afford to continue earned trust of users. New version promises to help improve Google Search speed statistical index, search results more precise.

"A few months ago, staff developed logistics Google has started to make a secret project, which is building the architecture for the next generation of Google Web search. This is the first step in a slightly longer route will allow us to improve the overall quality of Google, from speed index statistics, the accuracy, etc. ... Platform infrastructure will increase for new search engine Google, however, by "implicit" under the shade of the Google brand, the most users will not easily recognize the difference in results search. However, the web development professional will be able to identify the improvements, the differences we bring to. We object to this in the introduction experiment and waiting to respond. "

According to experiment by Mashable, Search Google for the query results differ a little, the ability to search real time improved significantly. However, it is still too early to make conclusions on specific faces of Google
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