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Thứ Hai, 10 tháng 8, 2009

The money blogger strongest world

With a blogger, care little for the "house number" is not a simple entertainment. Share thoughts, connect friends ... the blog is a tool "for rice," for many professional blogger, hard.
"Flat world" opened up opportunities for the job "in" for many people. Write a blog too. Subject to the blogger can choose how strong are plentiful. Professional blogs have posted photos of interesting cat, with blog updates about new entertainment stars, other professional blog comment on political topics, blog with transfer of technology news ... Traffic by readers as adults how much, the amount received by the blogger has the opportunity much higher.
Here is a list of top blogger income highest in the world.

1. BoingBoing - 1 million USD / year
2. I Can Has Cheezburger? - 5600 USD / month
3. ShoeMoney 12,000 USD / month
4. Overheard in New York-8100 USD / month
5. - 5300 USD / month
6. TalkingPointsMemo-45,000 USD / month
7. Perez Hilton - 111,000 USD / month
8. Gothamist - 50.000-60.00 USD / month
9. TechCrunch - 200,000 USD / month
10. Go Fug Yourself - revenue 6240 USD / month
11. Mashable-166,000 USD / month
12. Problogger - 100,000 USD / year
13. Michelle Malkin and Hot Air - Turnover: not disclosed
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